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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bruce talks Kiss , Grand Funk and tells MusicGearSource what pedal he chucked at Mr Bolton

Interview : Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick has been a professional musician and songwriter since 1975. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he has played guitar, bass and keyboards for many platinum artists.

Before joining KISS, Kulick performed and recorded with platinum artists Billy Squier, Michael Bolton, and Meatloaf, with whom he toured the world on the "Bat
Out of Hell" tour in 1977-78. After that Kulick formed the band Blackjack with Bolton and played guitar for Squier's first album, Tale of the Tape.

Kulick then got the call to work with the legendary rock band KISS in 1984. For twelve years Kulick handled the lead guitar duties, performing around the world many times including stadium shows with attendance of over 100,000 at a single concert. He has recorded and written songs on three platinum and seven gold records for the band, including a co-write on the KISS' gold re-union release Psycho Circus. Kulick has received many additional awards for KISS' video releases and concert sales. He recently provided additional track research for the newly released gold Box Set that KISS released in late 2001.

In 1995, Bruce took part in MTV's KISS Unplugged, which saw both versions of KISS perform together to the delight of millions around the world. But that lead to the original KISS members reforming and putting back the make-up from the 70's which left Bruce out of the band and ready to move on in his career.

Kulick first formed a band called UNION with ex Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi. They released two studio CD's and one live disc. They toured in North America, Scandinavia, and Argentina. It was a great experience for Bruce to help create a band from the ground up, and fans of the group loved the sound and fury of the music. UNION won Metal Edge's best new band award in 1999.

In late 2000, Bruce announced that he had joined legendary 70's rock group Grand Funk Railroad. Approached by original members Don Brewer (vocals and drums), and Mel Schacher (bass), the band has reformed with an all-star cast featuring Kulick on lead guitar, singer Max Carl (38 Special, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack), and Tim Cashion on keyboards and vocals (Bob Seger, Robert Palmer).

Currently the group is booked to play throughout 2004, writing a new chapter in the famed rock groups history. Bruce is proud to bring his guitar chops into the mix, and feels that the band gives him plenty of room to play great material and showcases his talent. The band will be recording and performing new music along with the Grand Funk classics. Kulick co-wrote "Who Took Down The Stars" which the band performs live in concert.

In the spring of 2001 Kulick released his first ever solo disc, Audio Dog. His fans loved the new music, heard Bruce sing and stretch out on guitar like never before. In addition, for the first time Bruce performed as a solo artist to his loyal fans in Australia and Europe. He promoted the new disc, and celebrated his KISS history with a set list that made the crowd go crazy.

April 2003 saw the release of his brand new solo disc, TRANSFORMER. Twelve new tracks of melodic guitar rock, 8 vocal songs, and 4 instrumentals that will please his fans. He has just completed a tour of Australia in support of his new release. Bruce will continue touring with Grand Funk in 2003 and 2004 and will be planning more solo performances around the world.

MGS- First off thanks for taking the time to talk with musicgearsource. Can you start off with a history of how you got hooked up with Kiss?

BK-I knew the guys... from my brother, and when they needed someone to help out with the band when Mark St John got sick... then I was there for 12 years!

MGS- Can you tell us what amps, effects, guitars you used on the Kiss tours?

BK-Marshall amps and ESP guitars, sometimes some Gibson guitars and BC Rich guitars. No effects really except for a wah thing on some guitars..

MGS- What have you been up to lately? What projects are you working on?

BK-Go to my site.. Been very busy touring with Grand Funk and I have two solo discs out that my fans would love.

MGS- What gear are you currently using? We love details. Have you gotten into the pedal craze? Tell us about your signature guitar also.

BK-I have a cool pedal board with Boss DM-2 delay, DD3 Digital Delay, Dunlop Wah, Boss SD-1 for overdrive, Ibanez Chorus, and a MXR phase 90 type Phasor called a Maxon 50 Phaser .. very rare.. but sounds like a uni vibe. Marshall 900 series or 2000 series Amps with Vintage 30 cabinets...
Guitars have been cool LTD Vipers and Horizons, and EC-1000 style some Japan made ESP's as well. Sometimes a Gibson 2003 Standard Les Paul. Or a Fender or ESP Strat.
My signature model which is I am selling the remaining stock from my website, I have only about 6 left of the bolt-on's. They are awesome guitars cross between a SG and an Eagle design by BC Rich. for info...

MGS- What has been the funniest thing that has happened to you over the years of playing? Also the coolest.

BK-Running into Gene Simmons on stage with the lights off. Not that funny actually OUCH!

MGS- What do you like to do when you arent doing tours or clinics?

BK-I like to watch movies, go to vintage music stores.. relax with my dog Joe.

MGS- What has the lets say the top 3 moments of your playing career that you are most proud of?

BK-MTV unplugged, Playing MSG in NYC with KISS, and MEATLOAF back in 1977 in Toronto with ELO! Huge show!

MGS- I seem to remember a story about you chucking a Boss pedal at Michael Bolton. Any truth to that rumor? If so id love to hear the story. What pedal was it? You dont have to answer.

BK-Well... it some kind of MXR or BOSS, and we were just getting into an stressful thing about the recording we were doing. We were very close, so it NOT a big deal. He caught it by the way!

MGS- When you play Closer to home/Im your captain live, what effects do you use where in the song? A stomp by stomp rundown if you will.

BK-Chorus and Delay.. Strat for that song.. Wah when know the routine. I have it all in my pedal board.

10. Anything you would like to say in closing?

BK-Check out my site! Keep in touch!

Thanks for talking with us Bruce, its an honor and much appreciated.