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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interview with King's X guitarist Ty Tabor

Interview : Ty Tabor

MGS - First off I would like to welcome Ty Tabor from Kings X. Your music
playing have meant alot to me over the years.


MGS - Most of our readers are familiar with your and Kings X past I will
the questions fairly current. How w
as 2004 for you guys? What all kept you
busy in 04?

TT - Well... we toured. Then toured some more. Then started a record. Then
toured some more. Then worked a couple of more months (and counting) on our
newest cd. :)

MGS - I noticed you have signed on with Randall amps. Can you tell us all
about them?

TT - Yeah. Doug (pinnick) was walking around at the NAMM show in nashville where
we were recording at the time and decided to go into the randall area to see
if a friend was there. The friend wasn't there but Doug saw these new amps
that blew him away. He called me and said, "Ty! you gotta get over here and
hear these things!" So the next day we went back over to meet the guys and
see the amps. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. They were amazing.
All tube stuff. AND tube powered. With interchangable physical modules
with real tubes to get multiple amp sounds easily without software modeling.
i freaked out on it also. So i've been playing them since. The new album
will have the new tone and it rips! Michael Wagener is producing.

MGS - Most all of our readers are gearheads. Whats on your pedalboard right
now? Guitars in use?

TT - I don't actually use individual pedal effects, except my wah pedal anymore.
But i do use a roland midi pedal that controls my Line 6 rack effects,
which i think are amazing. But it's a pretty simple settup these days and
it rips! i'm using all Yamaha guitars. Either AES's or RGXTT's.

MGS- So youre using the Line 6 rack effects? Which units? How do you
them live?

TT - I use the Echo Pro and the Mod Pro. both are pretty awesome units. i
control them with a Roland midi pedal. Pretty simple setup compared to my
old rigs.

MGS - What is your all time most memorable gig?

TT - Probably the first time we played London. We didn't expect anyone to know
us and we sold out the Marqee. And the truth is, every gig since has been
awesome also. As a matter of fact, I love all of the uk and europe. They
really rock and they are very intelligent music lovers. I just wish the
dollar didn't suck so bad over there so we could go more often. I also love
Ohio in general. They rock harder than any other state for King's X.
California is a close second, tho.

MGS - Ha thats cool about Ohio thats where I live. Any particular shows
stand out there? I remember around 93-94 you guys played a club in Toledo
called Roxannes, my friends went but i had to work i was upset then, still
They still say after the years and all the bands they have seen that show
the best live experience they have had.Do you get alot of folks telling you
powerful you are live?

TT - We are always massively blessed and lucky to get the kind of response we do.
Sometimes i honestly don't understand what people are hearing. But i'm
always honored by the kind comments.

MGS - What do you do when not on tour or recording to pass the time?

TT - Ride my motorcycle or scuba dive. But free time the last few years has been
a luxury.

MGS - Whats the best and worst about being widely known in the guitar
community as the worlds best kept secret in guitardom?

TT - Truthfully i don't think of those things at all. I'm just very glad i get
to play music for a living. And i'm glad that anyone likes what we do at

MGS- Bob Sweet a friend of musicgearsource told me about bringing you down
Ultra Vibe around 1999 i think. Do you still use the Ultravibe? Bob will read
this so give us your opinion of it ,he will get a kick out of that.

TT - Haven't toured with it in a while but i love how it sounds and it is always
an option in the studio. thanks, Bob!

MGS - Whats the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in the music

TT - That's a hard one. But one highlight would be playing "moan jam" in front
of about 5000 people while the guys in Motley Crue threw tons of live
chickens on us from behind our amps. i'm talking the whole stage was full
of chickens. i can still see the image of a chicken balancing directly in
front of me on the edge of my monitor, jerking it's neck back and forth like
it was dancing. i could barely keep playing.

MGS - Ha!

MGS- Can you tell us about the Double Live CD? Where can folks get it?

TT- Well, it's called "Live All Over The Place" and pretty much is just that.
Recorded over a ten year period of touring and is raw and in your face. Not
pretty at all. None of that overdubbing stuff that has become normal on
so-called live albums. This is live and it's obvious! (laughs) Glorious
flaws and all! It should be in your local store and if it's not, you can
always go to or something.

MGS - Can you tell us about the new Kings X CD you just got done recording?

TT - I would love to.. but i won't. I am VERY happy with it. And Michael
Wagener was awesome to work with. It was such a relief to get to be the
guitarist again.

MGS - I was reading on your site that when off tour Jerry has to work a day
job. Thats really discouraging. Is the state of the music industry really
that bad ? It seems sad that a band like you guys struggle when
American Idol wannabees flood the TV.

TT- It's not so bad. We actually make really good livings compared to a lot of
people and are lucky to get to make records and tour successfully to this
day. Drummers do have it a little harder tho. I have been lucky to develope
producing and mastering jobs with my recording studio and am always busy. I
can't complain.

MGS - What wah pedal are you using?

TT - Standard crybaby wah. I love it.

MGS - Dirtbikes right? Do you have a place to ride at home? What bike or
bikes do you have in garage?

TT - When it comes to dirt i only ride Kawasaki's. KX's actually. go figure..
KX / king's x. I ride a honda on the street. A Shadow sport with purple
shadow flames. It's a bad mutha. i LOVE riding motorcycles and scuba
diving both.

MGS- Can you tell us about your studio? You offer mastering for folks

TT - I started building alien beans studio about 12 years or so ago. It has
turned out to be a really cool studio. I am happy to have it. I master a
ton of projects and record some also.

MGS- Is Kings X planning on another tour soon?

TT - Absolutely! It will be coordinated around the release of the new record.

MGS - Whats your favorite Kings X album? Im gonna have to go with Dogman.
honestly hard to pick.

TT- I don't really listen to King's X. My favorite cd in a long time has been
the latest Billy Talent cd. It rocks HARD and has some brilliant guitar

MGS - Ok its plug time. Anything you would like to tell folks about? People you would
like to thank?

TT - In general I always like to thank anyone who still listens. It's an honor.

MGS- I gotta tell you Ty, you have been a huge influence on my playing and I will
always love your music. I will always appreciate you taking the time to
with us. Thanks man.

TT - Thanks for being interested! My pleasure. Cheers!

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