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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Dawg gets a signature overdrive from E.W.S

 E.W.S. Signature Eric gales brute drive

This special edition of the EWS Brute Drive pays tribute to Brute Drive user Eric Gales. This version is limited to 500 units and comes with a very slick presentation.
From the signature box to the signature Eric Gales pick and Erics silver signature on the pedal itself this is a must have for the die hard Eric Gales fan.

This little tone tool screams ! Very natural organic gain can be had and it works equally as well on a driven or a clean amp platform. With the boost feature the Brute Drive can easily be used as your only gain box. This is not a wimpy tube screamer clone this is a harmonicly rich complex gain pedal with a killer built in boost.

This is one of those drive pedals that makes you want to PLAY. Hitting it with the boost can get into fuzz territory if you crank the gain that way and can sustain until the Dawgs come home < Red Dawgs that is >. With this signature Brute Drive and working your guitars volume knob you can cover low to high gain ranges with toneful ease.

There is nothing wimpy about this drive. It is a tone powerhouse with a rough harmonic edge but can clean up with the best of them.

Click here to listen to Eric talk about and play his Brute Drive.

Eric is one of the most toneful dynamic players out there and this signature Brute Drive is just as tone laden and dynamic.

Key positives points

- sturdy aluminum casing and true bypass switching
- the build quality is stellar clean and neat
- large EQ range making it very versatile
- jacks on top for maximum board space
- mini pot on the inside for further tweaks to frequency response
- mid range bump to the boost function to make solos POP through the mix

This is a very limited edition and is shipping now so Gales fans get one while you still can. This pedal is one of the most versatile and sturdy drives we have tested. Having it wrapped up in this Eric Gales collectors edition is a fitting tribute to a player that wrings the life out of it live while making it sing.