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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feature Gear Review : Keeley Katana Boost

Keeley Electronics Katana preamp boostThe Keeley Katana is a cutting pre-amp. It delivers a wealth of tone and clean boosting. Want to keep your original tone with just a dash of sparkle and shimmer added, then have the control to boost it to any volume? This is it. The Katana is a fat, harmonically rich boost. Use it all the time to push your amp harder, or as an occasional boost to cut through the mix.

Two modes, Pure Clean and High Gain

* With the Speedo knob pushed in, think of it as a volume control that goes to 20.

** With the Speedo knob pulled out, it's a cutting boost with a bit of gain. Not quite an overdrive, just some grit and edge to the tone. In this mode you get a cutting shimmer added to your tone. Perfect for Humbucker Guitars!


* 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation. DC jack at top of unit like Boss or Ibanez effects.

* Internal Power Supply Boost - turns your 9 volts into 18!!! The power supply's high voltage is what leads to this super clean headroom pre-amp.

* JFET design - clean tones, tube like when they overdrive or clip.

* Push-Pull Speedo Knob. Gain controled by side mount knob so it can be adjust with your feet. Pull out the Speedo Knob for higher gain and crisper tones

* All Metal Film Resistors and Caps. Low noise Design.

* Blue LED, a Keeley Trademark!

* True-Bypass

* 5 Year Warranty

A clean boost with an available 20 db of pure clean tone. Your sound only louder. A true loud, clean flat boost. That Gibson like speedo knob that you see pulls out to give you a tube like grit that really drives your amp. Not a full out lead boost but a gritty boost. We used a strat into a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 amp. Playing the amp on the verge of breakup we kicked in the Katana with the gritty lead boost engaged . Speaking of the speedo knob on the side, this now makes it possible to be controlled with your foot onstage! I was scratching my head wondering why noone else has come up with this idea.Very handy feature!

To have a pure clean boost the higher the voltage the better. Most boosts on the market are a standard 9 volts. The Katana requires 9 Volts DC in like other effects but is converted to 18 inside. Don't apply more, you can damage the unit! Keeley bumps up the voltage internally by using a charge pump.

Huge, pure, clean headroom with tube like response!

Any Keeley pedal we have tried in the past has been SUPER quiet. the Katana is no exception whatsover. One of the only boosts we have tried that adds virtually no noise. And adds no EQ change which is a rare find. A true FLAT boost with no treble spike as heard in other boosts on the market.

Not only was it the perfect lead boost but it added a presence that really impressed us.This is not the standard tube screamer type lead sound. You can add total clean volume or with the speedo pulled out a little extra grit WITHOUT an EQ shift like a tube screamer does. A tube screamer accents and pushes the mids when engaged. The Katana i feel is the perfect lead pedal for someone that is totally happy with their current amplifier tone and just need more of it in some cases and more of it with a gain push in others. Its great having those 2 choices there with the speedo knob. Think of the Katana as an expensive imported chocolate that goes on top of your favorite ice cream. The ice cream is great but so much better with the chocolate .

I have used several Keeley electronics products in the past and have never been disapointed and the Katana is a very impressive pedal.

True Bypass switching is standard to ensure no tone loss when the pedal is not being used. Bright blue LED is a Keeley trademark and looks stunning against the bright white Katana when its on.

Upon opening the Katana the first thing you notice if you have looked inside other handmade pedals is how clean the work is on the inside. Very neat detailed work. The work inside reminds us of some 2-3000 dollar amplifiers ive looked inside. Clean, neat and professional are the name of the game at Keeley electronics.

First rate customer service and a pedal that is built to last and guaranteed for 5 years are just a couple of reasons to look into Keeley Electronics. The pros using them speak for themselves.

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