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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dunlop and Bob Bradshaw make a tweakers wah

GEAR IN REVIEW - C.A.E. Dunlop MC-404 wah

In the last decade there have been wahs that have extra features making them more versatile than a standard wah.
This Bob Bradshaw designed CAE MC-404 takes things to an entire different level.

This is the only wah we have seen that has 2 Fasel inductors to choose from 2 different classic wahs tones. The red kick switch on the side of the pedal toggles between the two. There are 2 LEDs on the side one red one yellow showing which inductor you have engaged. 

The yellow inductor cuts hard and emphasizes the highs. The red inductor is more of a low mid growl. It is a killer feature to be able to choose between these two tones on the fly depending on where you need the EQ sweep. The LEDs are super bright so a quick glance shows you exactly which one you are on.

As if that was not enough this pedal also features the CAE boost installed inside this wah ! 

Yes this pedal is installed inside this wah.

The red kick switch on the right side engages this boost and there is a rotary knob top right where you can preset the amount of boost you want. This is a perfect feature. Lets face it most times when we hit the wah we are wailing a lead. The boost here saves you from having to hit another lead pedal. Very slick feature and makes this one of the most versatile and toneful wah pedals on the market. There is an LED for the boost on the side as well so you always know the status.

The case is built like a tank and the smooth black finish along with the LEDS make this look amazing on any pro pedal board like this one below.

The switching is True Bypass and they use a high end CTS pot inside for years of trouble free use.

Inside there are adjustments for the sweep of the pedal so you can fine tune and tweak to your taste.  

See the MC-404 story and hear it in use.....

All in all...

After some clean and high gain testing the CAE proved to be one of the best sounding and feature laden wahs we have had the pleasure of testing. Just flat out sounds amazing and would be at home on any pros board looking for a high end feature packed wah.

This could be the last wah you will ever need to purchase. for more details.