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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feature Gear Review : Gig-FX Chopper

Looking for some inspiration? Ready for something different? Tired of the same modulation pedals being released over and over again? The Gig-fx Chopper could be the pedal that sets you apart from the masses.

With its built in expression pedal the Chopper from literally slices, dices, and chops its way through your guitar signal making it the perfect pedal for those looking for something out of the norm. Not only new effects are present but classic sounds we know live in here also. Trems, Leslie and auto pan effects are in there and can be controlled with the built in expression pedal.

The Chopper literally chops your signal to pieces. In a stereo setup the chops can be panned back and forth in stereo for a dizzying, hypnotic sound.

Testing the pedal with a sustainer equipped guitar was a treat as I found myself writing an original riff in minutes. It was a lot of fun to try something new that inspires your playing, something tough to achieve these days and we give props to Gig-fx for this.

Adding other effects to the Chopper can open up sonic territories not available before on the electric guitar. The intros to Wont get fooled again and Teenage Wasteland by the Who can be had. Playing in stereo in blend mode with a chorus and a wah pedal rocked slowly back and forth you can nail the Wont get fooled again intro. How cool is that? It kept me busy for quite awhile until the wife was done hearing it. In shake mode you can get the Teenage Wasteland intro as in shake mode the Chopper oscillates a wave and the Chopper will give you varied rhythms. Word is that original inspirations for the Chopper were these synth driven Who riffs.

Getting between 2 amps with the Chopper in stereo is where this baby really takes flight. Stereo tremolo is the tip of the iceberg with this pedal. It is very easy to be inspired with your signal being flown back and forth. Having the built in expression pedal gives it ultimate control for a live setting.

It is worth mentioning that the Chopper is equally at home on a synth or really any instrument that gives a signal.

I can talk all I want but to really hear what this thing is capable of go to and listen to the sound samples. For something that is a fresh idea and truly inspiring please check one out today.The Chopper is one of the most innovative and useful guitar effects of 2005.