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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pedaltrain gets Grande and in charge

GEAR IN REVIEW - Pedaltrain 4 

Pedaltrain finally has a pedalboard for the guy that need tons of pedals live and comes in a world class flight case on wheels .
Convenience be darned this is for serious pedal heads. The Grande or Pedaltrain 4 as it also called is approx the size of 2 PT2s connected together.

When the delivery came my daughter yelled " Daddy got another guitar !"  My wife took one look and exclaimed " Nope that is bigger than a guitar " I could only smile and explain to her that this was a pedalboard. As I write this she is still in disbelief.

This picture of it before we opened it tells the whole story .

Yes kids that is a pedalboard and a full size electric guitar. The Grand measures 42" x 16" x 3".

Upon opening the box the first you are greeted with is a world class flight case the the board that looks as if it would withstand many tours. 

Pedaltrain spared no expense and built this to the same standards they make their other time tested boards with. Twist locks keep the board in place even during brutal travel.

No worries on lugging it around as the flight case comes with wheels and can be easily pulled into the gig.

The padding inside the heavy duty flight case makes for a snug fit for the board and makes sure your valuable pedals are safe and secure.

Wiring a Pedaltrain is a simple job with its patented frame rail system that is solid as a rock and makes hiding wiring and power supplies a breeze. The frame also makes picking it it and putting it back in the flight case very simple.

The Grande comes with enough velcro , cable ties and power supply mounts to finish the entire board. You are ready to build your board as son as it arrives.

Another great use for this board and flight case would be lock up storage for your high end pedal collection. Perfect for those with kids or pets and need to keep their investments safe.

In closing this might not make your singer happy but is a dream come true for the serious guitarist needing a full tilt pedal Death Star on stage. Pedaltrain did not disappoint a bit in bringing the largest pedalboard to market. Pedaltrain is testing the market with this board so if you are thinking about getting one I would get one now.

For more info on Pedaltrain please visit

The Grande is currently in stock at Thanks to Sweetwater for letting us use their great pictures in this review.

Here is what they had to say. 

More about the Pedaltrain Grande

The Grande is a high-quality, professional pedalboard with a rolling flight case that's ready to protect your stompboxes as you take them on the road or in an airplane. Constructed with durable, lightweight aluminum alloy, the PT-Grande was truly designed with the playing and touring guitarist in mind, as it features an open, elevated, angled frame that maximizes your routing options while minimizing the possibility of disconnecting crucial cables while you're performing. The Grande version also boasts more interior space for your power supplies so all your effects and accessories can travel safely inside the Pedaltrain PT-Grande!

Take all of your effects and accessories with you
The Pedaltrain PT-Grande is a whopping 42" - it can effortlessly hold your entire effects chain so you can keep all your pedals in one place, ready to go. Its included tour-grade flight case is complete with lockable latches and low profile wheels on one end for the ultimate in convenience and portability. It's even got extra interior storage space that's separated by a solid divider wall - perfect for holding spare cables, sets of strings, picks, and everything else you'll need when you're out and about jamming with your band. You'll also enjoy this pedalboard's extra space beneath the frame for mounting all your power supplies and power strips - with the PT-Grande, you can keep all your effects connected and powered, all the time.

Set up your pedals any way you want
With the Pedaltrain PT-Grande, you can layout your effects any way you want. This pedalboard features an open frame that's elevated and angled, giving you added flexibility when you're configuring the layout of your effects, and makes for fast and efficient setup and rearrangement. You can actually connect your cables neatly on the board by routing them over, under, and even through the slots in the top surface area - this way, they're not exposed on the top of the pedal board, and you don't have to worry about accidentally disconnecting them with an ill-placed stomp when you're mid-solo!

Includes plenty of adhesive for immediate use
Don't worry about taking an extra trip to the store to hunt down velcro, the Pedaltrain PT-Grande comes with tons of industrial-grade, adhesive-backed, hook and loop material, as well as detailed instructions so you can setup your pedals quickly and efficiently, right out of the box.

Rugged construction for worry-free traveling
The PT-Grande is constructed with highly durable aluminum alloy - one of the strongest and lightest metals on the planet - and it features a new center reinforced frame design for ultra-durability. The PT-Grande also comes with a tour-grade flight case that's rock-solid to further protect your valuable effects arsenal.

Pedaltrain PT-Grande Features:
  • Durable aluminum alloy pedalboard
  • Open, elevated, angled frame design that's center-reinforced
  • Interior storage compartment separated by a solid divider wall
  • More interior space for power supplies and power strips
  • Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots
  • Easy to add, remove, rearrange, or bypass pedals
  • Comes with tour-grade flight case that's lockable with low profile wheels
  • Lasting powdercoat finish
  • Frame: 42" x 16" x 3"
  • Case: 49" x 19" x 9"