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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gear in Review - Morley Accu Tuner

GEAR IN REVIEW - Morley Accu Tuner

The fine folks at Morley were kind enough to let us tune up with their new AccuTuner . I will come right out and tell you I have gigged for years using a Boss
TU2 but I will tell you over the years the tiny display on my current pedal tuner has been an issue. The AccuTuner has a HUGE display which we instantly fell in love with. Using the strobe tuner on a dark stage is a treat. So much easier than squinting with my current tuner.

The Accu Tuner lets you choose between Chromatic or Strobe tuning. I prefer the chromatic at gigs as some guitars are in different tunings and it is good to always know which note you are tuning to. Very handy to have this mode.

For me the dual outputs is a must on a pedal tuner. The silent output lets you silence your guitar by stomping and tuning in silence. This makes band members and audience members happy as they do not have to listen to your tuning between songs. This is a must for a pro guitarist.

It is built like a brick with a rugged metal case and switch. Looks like it could take serious touring. From my past experience as a long time Morley customer their service is top notch if you were to ever need it.

The switching is True Bypass so it does not affect the tone when not in use. This is a huge plus over my current tuner that has a non true buffered bypass. A non True Bypass tuner can seriously change the tone of your overdrive and fuzz pedals and make the overall bypassed signal suffer. The Accu Tuner solves this.

Squint no more folks this tuner solves that issue and has all the features a gigging guitarist can needs to tune like the pros.

To my current pedal tuner it has been a fun ride but I am now seeing someone else ..... without squinting.

Accu-Tuner Combo Strobe and Chromatic Stomp Tuner A combination Strobe and Chromatic tuner in a stomp box format. Tuner remembers last tuner mode and stays there until switched. Dual outputs allow for through and mute capabilities. Also equipped with calibration and choose note features and sports the largest segment LED display on a floor tuner. Road worthy die cast housing with easy access battery door. Powers from one 9V battery or optional 9V adapter.

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Review by Tony Cole