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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look Ma no extension cords !

GEAR IN REVIEW - Sanyo Pedal Juice

My biggest beef with taking a pedal board to a gig is trying to find an orange extension cord to snake around half of the stage to get power for the board.
Half of the time you can not find an outlet or an extension cord. It makes set up time longer and more frustrating. And when you do finally get it set up you have to worry about your band members tripping over it . I would rather think about playing guitar than praying your drummer will not trip on it and kill your entire signal.

Enter the Sanyo Pedal Juice.

Sanyo has 100 percent solved this problem ! Enter the Sanyo Pedal Juice. A lithium Ion rechargeable pedal board power system. In roughly 3 hours you can charge the Pedal Juice up to full charge. 

Keeping it simple.....

2 9volt power power taps and daisy chain is included in the box. It can power your board for several gigs before you need to recharge. An included wall cord plugs into the adapter input to recharge the Pedal Juice. No need to read a manual it was very simple to get going on our test board.

A power switch on top turns the unit off and on to save the charge for your next show. Great feature there. When you are done with your gig just click off to save power for the next one.

We powered a Rockbox Boiling Point , a MojoHand Rook , TC Electronic Vortex , Corona Chorus and a MXR CAE MC 404 wah. We mounted these on a Pedaltrain board using Lava Cable Mini ELC solder free cables . The test guitars were a Reverend  Reeves Gabrels signature guitar and Yamaha Ty Tabor signature guitar. The Amp was a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x12.

All fairly high end gear and the Sanyo fit right in. The Sanyo velcroed right to the board and performed without a hitch. No noise no power cables.

Will I know when its low ?

Sanyo did a great job with this.

Actually you will know long before it needs recharging. A light above the power button has 3 color stages letting you know where you are in the charge range. When you are red it is time to juice up. The nice thing is that at a gig if you see red during set up you normally have plenty of time to juice up before start time.

No cords or noise.

Powering your board this way is actually cleaner power than wall warts or conventional power supplies prone to AC ground loop noise.

Testing this with our board the charge up times and discharge times were right on spec with Sanyos ad copy. It was dead quiet , performed flawlessly and with NO extension cable ! Perfect !

I have never seen a water proof pedal or power supply but according to Sanyo this unit is ! Guitarists playing cruise ships and resort beaches rejoice ! In all seriousness I have seen first hand friends drying out full pedal boards that got wet in a basement. Better safe than sorry. Maybe not a selling point to you but added value for sure.

Sanyo also reminded us that this not only supplies pedals power  but ANY 9VDC power tap can use the Pedal Juice. Drum machines , mixers etc. Good to know and very handy.

All in all ......

The Sanyo Pedal Juice solves 2 big problems with using a pedal board live. Finding power at the front of stage and possible AC noise from being tethered to the wall.

While it is not set up to do higher voltage or odd powered pedals if you have a straight forward board this is an amazing solution. I personally would rather lose a pedal or 2 to use this power supply.

Very simple , well thought out and does exactly what it is supposed to. A perfect pedal board powering solution from Sanyo.

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