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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creation Audio Labs audiophile clean boost

Review : Creation Audio Labs MK 4.23

A pedal looking like it came out of a monster car garage somewhere this chrome daddy will impress even the biggest gear critics out there.

With its chrome mirror finish , true bypass switching and pure clean boost this might be the perfect lead pedal for alot of serious tone junkies out there.
This pedal is CLEAN. Alot of clean boosts out there claim to not monkey with your tone but the MK 4.23 delivers on that promise. Why spend thousands of dollars on the right amp and guitar setup and boost your leads with a boost that mangles your sound you spent so long on? There are a ton of boosts on the market and sometimes a colored boost is a good thing if you are wanting to modify your base tone.

If you are happy with your tone and want the cleanest studio quality for boosting leads or need a pure boost to beef up a long line of pedals the 4.23 is the best solution I have come across so far. And lets face it this is the coolest looking pedal I have seen in awhile. The added bonus of being able to check my hair when I am going for a lead is worth the price of admission alone.

All kidding aside this is the cleanest studio quality boosting device I have come across in my 20 years of playing guitar. No annoying midrange hump , no flabby bass boost, no bass loss. What you get is your tone good or bad bigger and louder. This is defiantly for the players who have invested alot of time and resources into their rigs and need a lead kick that leaves the tone alone.

I spoke with Sarge who runs Creation Audio and he told me that the one and only Ty Tabor from Kings X was stopping by to have the Redeemer circuit installed into his guitars. This is very exciting for Creation Audio as well as the thousands of Kings X fans out there. Look to hear Creation Audio on the new Kings X album set for early 08 release.

Simply put, this is the cleanest, quietest and most sonically transparent boost pedal out there.
You won't believe what you hear... and what you DON'T hear!

The MK.4.23 gives you from zero to +24dB of crystal clear boost to dial in to your liking. Noiseless boost with no signal
distortion, zero tone coloration and quiet switching when you engage the circuit. YOUR TONE, only more of it without
adding the noise typically associated with an increase in gain.

We also think you'll like what you see. The sleek, 16 gauge stainless steel body and white LED's quite literally reflect
premium materials and craftsmanship that will attract as much attention as your tone does. The small footprint and
pedal board friendly design of the MK.4.23 means that you can add mega punch to your effects arsenal with minimum
impact on your pedal board or gig bag space.

Use the MK.4.23 as a straight forward boost pushing your amp, as a gain tool in front of your pedals, as a
volume boost after your pedals or even in your effects loop on your amplifier for killer power amp boost!

The MK.4.23 can also be used directly to mixers/recorders with high fidelity results. World renown producer/engineer
Michael Wagener uses this unit at his WireWorld Studios ( The Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23
and the REDEEMER circuit were both used extensively on the new Skid Row album released October, 2006.
Get more album details at

The MK.4.23 BOOST from Creation Audio Labs:
For guitar and bass
Zero to +24 dB boost
No signal distortion
No tone coloration
No phase reversal
Quiet switching
Hand wired and built in the U.S.A.

We recommend an external power supply (>80mA tip negative) such as the Visual Sound 1-Spot.
An internal battery is optional.